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Not sure what exactly is the best solution for your website, if you’re getting the best deal or simply where to go next? Let us remove the guesswork and maximize your return on investment. 


Clean and professionally written code means less problems. Less problems means more focus on the business. More focus on the business means bigger profit.

SEO & Marketing

High website traffic is a key to growth. We’re confident our experts can increase your website’s online exposure with our data-driven approach to search engine optimization and paid marketing.


Is your current website built properly? Do you have any doubts about future scalability or if your website is secure? Our team of experts will dig in to address your concerns.



It’s important to be able to solve technical issues as soon as they happen (or better yet, prevent them). Our responsive team will support your website with monitoring and regular patches.



Does your website have high bounce rates or abandoned carts? Poor website performance and load times are proven to have a negative impact conversion. We’re here to help you optimize.

experience across Numerous industries

We pride ourselves in being problem solvers with expertise catered to different geographic regions across numerous industries. Our talented team strives to give each customer the utmost attention, for this purpose we limit the number of concurrent projects. 





Why we are different

Yellow Hexagon is value driven. We aim to provide as much value as possible to our clients. Our team follows core principles centralized on providing transparency and results. Yellow Hexagon is flexible in our service offerings and how we partner with our clients and other vendors to accomplish the best result.

Our Skills

We are very passionate about what we do. That is clearly reflected in the wide skill-set of our team ranging from development to data management to marketing and more.

While our bread and butter might be Magento solutions, problem solving is our foundation. We have implemented websites utilizing a number of different platforms which in many cases are integrated with other solutions and systems. This includes Magento, WordPress, Akeneo, ShipperHQ, channel integrations and much more. Contact us today to confirm if we can support your web stack or recommend a better web infrastructure for your business needs.

  • Magento development – 100%
  • Digital marketing – 80%
  • ecommerce consulting – 90%

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